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Post by D.N.A. on Thu Aug 28, 2008 3:32 am

Mus Del Not
(Musica della notte, Italian for “Music of the Night”)

The mysterious “musicians of the apocalypse” as they are called appear almost everywhere. They can be in the ruins of Earth, or the space decks of Astaroth 2. They have even been spotted inside both the Cassius and the Julius marketplaces, just playing away. They don’t seem like much harm, playing away, nearly endlessly their beautiful music. But piss them off, and their instruments become deadly. This clan is known for their musical instruments that sound beautiful to the ear, but have devastating effects on the battlefield. These instruments can vary from a trumpet that fires rockets to a microphone that lulls everyone to sleep. Their true origins are unknown except to themselves, and are neither Julius nor Cassius.

Even to themselves, the true origins of the Mus Del Not are unclear. There are rumors that before the apocalypse, the mus del not were already around, and were playing their instruments on street sides for change, and that with eventual advances in technology, the beggars armed their instruments with weapons in a surefire way to get money. Another rumor says that the Mus Del Not, or MDN for short, were formerly members of the Monastery clan, who completely abandoned their quest for the gazebo and instead became fascinated with music. The most believed rumor, however, is that the Mus Del Not originated from Italy, hence the Italian name, and were originally a travelling orchestra. Their music was beautiful and enchanting, but was so loud that it broke windows and even leveled buildings. This led to a lynching mob to form, thinking that the unintentional mishaps were actually on purpose, and that the beautiful music they were playing was really black magic. After brutally murdering several innocent members of the orchestra, the remaining members decided to take a stand, and armed their harmless looking instruments with weapons for defense.

Exclusive Traits…

All Mus Del Not are armed with a musical instrument. The instrument is treated as either a super heavy ranged or a super heavy melee weapon (ignore requirements for the two), and can be equipped with weapon connection and other skills for even more bonuses. MDNs have only one free instrument, and must pay for the others if they want more.

All Mus Del Not have one free synapse point because of their fast fingers and reflexes when playing their instruments. (So that means if you spent two creation points on synapse, you actually have 3. Please state this in your sheet like 2+1(free)=3)


~Long Fingers
Cost: 0 creation points
Your impressive playing skills come in handy off the battlefield as well. With naturally long fingers, it is easier for you than most others to do certain tasks such as patch up an ally, etc. When you take a success roll for a situation that involves using your character’s hands, the GM will add 1 to the number that comes up


~Common Enemy
Bonus: 2-3 Creation Points
Unlike your other Mus Del Not comrades, for whatever reason you are in deep shit with both the Julius and the Cassius. Your face is implanted into every member of the Julius and Cassius, and they will actively pursue you until they or you are dead. If your character takes the 3 point bonus, Julii and Casii will even set aside their differences to chase and kill you.

~Symphony of Hypnosis
Costs: 2 creation points or 10 Gazebo Points
The music that emanates from your instrument is so beautiful, it’s hypnotizing…quite literally. You can put people in a trance and can even make ally do combat with ally if you so desire. If you want to hypnotize someone, the MDN will roll a success roll. Depending on the distance, the amount needed to actually have the target hear the music and be put into the trance varies. After being under hypnosis, the puppet (if you want to call them that) will roll their own success roll (if they are a player character. If not, I will roll for them) and if the amount rolled is the same or higher than how much the difficulty of hypnosis was, then the trance is broken. If not, the MDN has a second post to control the puppet.

~Symphony of Destruction
Costs: 2 Creation Points or 10 Gazebo Points
Your instrument is so powerful and your playing so beautiful that even just playing it harms your opponents. Once every combat, your character may spend their first action playing a Symphony of Destruction, and then spending the remainder of your actions in regular combat. For that round, damage dealt by your party is doubled.

~Symphony of Life
Costs: 1 creation points or 5 Gazebo Points
The richness and happiness of your music brings joy to all. It is even said to have healing powers of some sort. When with an injured ally, your character can play a symphony of life, and will roll a success di. If the number is 7 or higher, your ally regains one body point.

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