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Post by joseph on Sat Jun 13, 2009 9:12 pm

We haven't seen any major defects in the battles of MM yet, other than J's Haunting Past and i's acid trip up Damien's ass. So I made this thread, thinking this thought:

No one really likes the thought of EPIC PHAILing or anything of the like, but watching others go through it is pretty funny. So with that in mind, make your own combat situation where your character ends up epic phailing (or some other defect). It doesn't necessarily have to be your character in MM, it could be one that you felt like making.

Hell, even start a PvP battle where your characters have the defects EPIC PHAIL, Retard Baby, Phobia, etc., and the die always rolls under 3. That should be fun, right? Very Happy

P.S. Clan-exclusive defects are EMBRACED.

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