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I remember. Empty I remember.

Post by DancingwiththeStars on Sat Jul 18, 2009 3:40 pm

I remember the way we used to sing and dance in the fields as tiny children often do.

I remember the way you used to cry when she broke your heart and you came running to knock on my window, asking for a place to stay.

I remember the way you asked for her hand and she gladly said yes.

I remember the way she broke the engagement and left you heartless.

I remember the way you asked me to give you a heart and I agreed.

I remember the way you broke my own and shut me out.

I remember the way you looked the other way whenever our eyes would meet, but never when our hearts met.

I remember the way you yelled, begging for forgiveness.

And I remember telling you not accepted.

It's a lot of memories. From when we were small and naive to when we got older and selfish.

But I wouldn't trade it for the world.
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