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Post by joseph on Fri Mar 09, 2012 3:06 am

Welcome, one and all, to the newly revamped Gazebo.

Gazebo has made numerous changes over the course of the years it's been on this plane of existence, but this is a dynamic revamp since the original.

Ever since Gazebo got back up on its feet, we've experienced a number of new things on the way: new RP campaigns, a couple new members (just a few), and lots of fun new posts. Since the revamp, we've added in a couple new features:

The Karma System
It's almost the equivalent of liking something on Facebook. If there's a post that you thought really contributed to the community, give it an upvote, the white '+' next to the sidebar. If it didn't, a downvote would be appropriate. Be nice about it, don't downvote people for terrible reasons.

New Smilies
big o nyan le gasp drool big c frown deathscythe triforce zubat charizard kneel

Aside from these, we've got the new look, new icons and buttons, all that good stuff. It's still in the works, though; we're not even close to finishing.

Regardless, we hope that you stay with us, continue supporting Gazebo and enjoy your stay!

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