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Post by D.N.A. on Thu Jun 17, 2010 5:28 pm

Name: Arif (Air-if) Arkwright
Age: 19
Clan: Monastery
Weapon: Heavily Modified Harbinger Beam Rifle [HR]

Level: 1
Muscle: 1
Body: 1
Synapse: 2
Flair: 0
Flair to Next Level: 4
GP: 0
Buxxors: 0

Appearance: Arif stands at an average 5’8”, well below the standard of his birth clan, the Harbinger. He weighs roughly 135 pounds, and as a result of such a mismatch is supported by a thin, wiry frame he calls his body. In the back, his brown hair falls easily down passed his neck, and at the front, just above his piercing green eyes. He wears a fully-buttoned white overcoat, over which he ports a white, waist-length poncho of the same fabric with, the seal of the royal guards sewn carefully into its rather large turnover collar. He wears white pants, and white stylized moccasins, of synthetic material, of course.

Bio: Arif was born into the ranks of the prestigious Harbinger clan, and was destined to be a great warrior. From an early age, he was trained diligently to combat multiple enemies, learn the pressure points of the human body, and how to improvise weaponry. Then, on his 15th birthday, he received his rifle. For days, Arif marveled at its beauty, hypnotized by some grace, unknown to his Harbinger kin. To them, it was merely a weapon. To him, it was a masterpiece; the craftsmanship, the power, everything. Magnificent. Arif was so enamored by it, that he skipped training sessions at the gym for the city junk yard, where he found parts to tweak with his weapon’s insides, growing a deeper and deeper connection with the technology surrounding him as each day passed. After a year of this, Arkwright had turned into a shadow of his former self. He had actually shrunken nearly an inch to 5’8, had dropped 45 pounds, and had grown his hair out into an “unruly mess”, as his elders remarked. He didn’t care. He didn’t him that he could barely even lift his rifle any longer; as long as he could still turn his wrench. He was unfettered by the disapproval of his clan, for soon, he would have something to show them. He stood back and marveled at its excellence. Two years of diligent work. Hundreds of man hours. 20 tons of metal. 10 stories high. On the eve of his 19th birthday, he unveiled it to his parents and elders: a massive 100 feet tall monster of a mech, it sported a polished ebony skeleton, and in white letters, on its shoulder plates, it read “Cerberus”. Although his peers were enamored, his parents and elders remained disappointed. Ashamed and disgraced, they disowned him. Armed only with his rifle, Cerberus and his father’s inheritance money, Arif plummeted to the surface of Earth, desperate to prove himself to his family.

Attributes: [Large City] All the more chance for Arif’s father to watch him. [Knowledgeable] Having tinkered with it so much, Arif is very skilled with the design of the Harbinger Beam Rifle.
Defects: [Monologue] Highly crafty and calculating, Arif cannot help but assess the situation before every battle. [Obsession] Arif’s one goal is to prove himself. Simple as that.
Skills: [John Freeman Picked up a Laser Gun] The path to glory must be achieved, no matter what the cost. [Acrobatic] Although working on Cerberus took from him his muscles, it actually strengthened his dexterity and acrobatic capabilities. Constantly climbing up, down, in and around the machine has made him particularly adept in the aerobatics.


Name: Cerberus
Muscle: 7
Body: 1
Weapon: Two energized blades located on either side of its right arm that contract into the forearm. When brandished, the design looks as though it were taken from the design of the blades on a Harbinger Beam Rifle [MSLM]

Appearance: Pic soon to come.
Skills: [I Stand Alone] A nice finishing touch Arif added before heading to the surface.

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Post by The J on Thu Jun 24, 2010 12:52 pm

AKA: Andreas/Andy
Is either a 12 year old boy or a 16 year old girl
Weapon: [light melee] Teh Haxor (0)- It's big, it's heavy, it's a graphing calculator/iPhone on steroids. Has multiple preipherals for hacking and communication. Even has an abacus and a slide rule/log table inside in case the batteries ever die. And it's a great rock you can hit people with when you've got jack all in terms of offensive weapons...


Appearance: 5 ft 3 inches, and less than 100 lbs. Green eyes and brown hair- too long for a guy; too short for a girl. Wears a brown pilot's jacket with lots of patches from the pirate faction they are a part of. flared cargo pants and black, steel toed work shoes. Coveralls for emergency repairs.

Bio: Abandoned as a child in adjunct 97, 12th loop, a small shanty town built near the exposed superstructure of one of the orbital floatation rings. Found by McGuiver children who built a machine to raise it- Andy was successfully raised by a McGuiver machine in the absense of gender or sexuality. When Andreas discovered this concept it was deeply confusing and disturbing. This created a pathological need to dissociate with gender as Andy feels it restricts the ability for people to escape predefined roles. The problem is Andy's irrational fear of the subject creates even more problems for... it... Andreas.
After the machine that raised Andy ultimately died from disuse despite Andreas' attempts to keep it running, Andreas decided to seek refuge in a Pirate Conclave run by McGuivers and Monestaries. There Andy piloted heavy lifting equipment in exchange for food and a place to stay. Many Monestary pirates began teaching Andy how to construct and maintain combat vehicles.
Andy using a fake distress beacon, lured a lone Julian Principalities Class starfighter near adjunct 113 of the 14th loop, a remote and desolate area where the vessel's pilot was tricked into ejecting. The crashed wreckage was recovered by Andy who rebuilt it and added a bipedal transformation capability inspired by famous monestary merchant Natalie. Andy goes forth to prove he/she deserves the badge of a monestary pilot and to test out the new weapon created by the McGuivers which though incredibly powerful, supposedly leaves little evidence of its use- the Darklance.

Level: 2
Muscle: 1
Body: 1
Synapse: 3
Flair: 0
Flair to Next Level: 1
GP: 1
Buxxors: 0

Phobia 2- he/ she/ it/ shit is deathly afraid of being defined by their gender and will go to great lengths to prevent ANYONE from figuring it out.
Sickness 2- Beaing a pirate aint easy. Years of living out on the rim and inhaling a little too much mech fuel has given Andreas an oh so wonderful case of asthma. Additionally, even with futuristic medicine, a decade of exposure to exotic radiation and exposed reactor housings can't be good for one's immune system or life expectancy.

Large City 3- Born in the orbital strings surrounding the legendary basestar of IXium. Andreas' tranforming space combat fighter/ mech is parked (illegally) on a less developed and less patrolled part of the superstructure and is sustained with many legitimate and pirated technologies... This is honestly not much different from many of the new mechs being built by the younger crowd nowadays since reliable technology from the capital city IX Centrality has become so hard to come by in the last decades.

Cathedral: Venator Invictus

Muscle: 6
Body: 1

impulse rail gun [super heavy ranged] (3pts): A fairly common weapon found on Julian high performance fighter craft but not normally stadard equipment for a small bipedal mech operating primarily in atmosphere. An entirely electrical gun that accelerates a conductive projectile along a pair of metal rails via a large capacitor bank fed by a magnetic compulsator (compensated pulsed alternator). It requires no explosives or volatile chemicals and its projectiles are relatively small for the destructive power they possess allowing for huge ammo capacity and efficient use to kill ratios. A rapid-fire automatic weapon, the feed mechanisms of an antiquated conventional firearm must move to accommodate the propellant charge as well as the ammunition round, while the railgun only needs to accommodate the projectile. Furthermore, the railgun does not extract a spent cartridge case from the breech, allowing a fresh round to be cycled immediately after the previous round has been shot. Purely a kinetik kill weapon- its ammo is essentially just a tungsten slug coated with an ultraconductive outer case accelerated 10-16 times the speed of sound.

The problem with firing railgun rounds in atmosphere are the ribbons of plasma the projectile ignites as it travels at hypersonic speed. Not only does this make is unsafe to the vehicle and any friendly crew near it, it makes it an easy mark for heat detecting enemies. Additionally one has to maintain the railgun's components regularly since it generates an enormous amount of heat, pressure, and recoil.

Darklance MKI [Ultra Mega Cheap Ranged] (5pts): A very unusual particle beam weapon. If there were some form of matter with a negative mass, how would it behave? The first insight is that it would move in a direction opposite to that in which it is pushed. So, if we have a lump of mass of, say -3 grams, and we push it (i.e. apply a force) to the right, it will move (i.e. accelerate) to the left. The harder we try to push it to the right, the more fervently it would move to the left. This follows from Newton's Law, F = ma, which clearly shows that if a positive force, F, is applied to a negative mass, -m, the acceleration, a, must be negative (i.e. opposite to the direction of the force) for the equation to hold.

Even if one asserts that the Newton equation: F = ma is the inertial definition of mass (i.e. m = F/a), then if a piece of matter accelerates in a direction opposite to the force applied to it, then its mass is negative.

If an entire planet were made of negative mass, its gravitational acceleration would be upward from its surface rather than downward. All objects, of either positive or negative mass would be accelerated away from such a planet, and it would self-disintegrate. Even if atomic forces, such as those that hold atoms together in crystals were to oppose the disintegration of the rocks on the planet, each negative mass atom would be met by an ever stronger acceleration opposite to these attractive forces, with the consequence that all negative-mass matter would disintegrate into separate atoms, and perhaps into subatomic particles.

Some Monestary pirates, along with McGuiver cohorts have created a weapon that fires a seemingly light absorbing black and violet beam- The Darklance. This weapon works through negative matter annihilation, converting everything it hits into auto destructive negative mass.

Character and ship images to come.

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Post by Reaper on Wed Jul 14, 2010 10:02 pm

name: Sage Anima
weapon: Beam Rifle
6 more points to level 3
appearance: He has mid length black hair that comes down like this He has black eyes and a young looking face. He is always wearing the immunity suit he got from reaching a certain rank within the harbinger, to note this was not because of skill but because of his status as the Kings son. The suit is skin tight covering his whole body. In the middle of his chest is the symbol of the royal guard on his chest in black and white with the olive wreath around it. Over that he wears black cotton trousers that seem to be perfectly tailored to him. He has boots that may be for survival situations but they have not seen the non artificial outside once so they have a shine to them. On top he wears open grey pea coat.

bio: This is the 3rd child of the King of the Universe himself. Though never expecting him to amount to anything like his older siblings. Thus he has lead a reasonably sheltered life without and worry. Joining the military to appease his father as a heavily political and public maneuver. Sage moved through the ranks quickly because his birth and political connections. Sage has never left the sky cities for the forsaken earth. Unfortunately due to unstable Psychic powers to shape shift Sage most of the time has no control over what he turns into. And when he runs out of power he reverts into a girl as a default. So has developed somewhat of a need to prove his manhood. Sage is in control enough most of the time to keep is male form but on some occasions when he gets flustered, stressed, or tired he will loose control and turn into a girl or even worse a monster. Since no one wants to cross the King of the universe they act like there is no problem at all.

attributes: Immunity
Psychic Powers (Shape Shift)
defects:Psychic Backlash
Epic Phail
skills: Weapon Connection
Pillar of the Horizon

stats equations

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Post by joseph on Fri Mar 09, 2012 4:32 am

Name: Athos
Age: 17
Clan: Harbinger
Weapon: Standard-grade Harbinger Beam Rifle (with added refrigeration modifications, Timaeus-brand storage capability and Wi-Fi) (Super Heavy Ranged, free upon creation)

Level: 2; 6 Flair til Level 3
Muscle: 4
Synapse: 1
Body: 2

Donned in a blue and white uniform, he stands at a mundane 5'4". Fair-skinned, his eyes are a piercing blue and his short, brown hair is a constant mess. Semi-broad shouldered with a well-built body. His rifle hangs from his back. He's got the overall appearance of a little kid, not so much by his physical attributes but more so of the expression on his face—always dazed and confused and wide-eyed.

However the hell Athos passed the Harbinger bar test is a mystery to everyone, even his examiners. Athos was known to be one of those problem children, not so much for his troublemaking history but more so for the sole fact that he was the classic representation of the idiots that people only see in the movies (refer to Steve Carell in Dinner for Shmucks). He couldn't read the mood, could barely follow the plan given to him and was blissfully oblivious to everything around him. What's even more baffling is the fact that Athos doesn't talk. No one knows for sure if it's a medical condition, or he's just the silent type. Whichever it is, Athos doesn't say a word to anyone, making him even harder to work with, let alone tolerate. So what was it about him that allowed him to stand at the top of the ranks of the Julius community? Sheer luck and raw talent. Even if Athos doesn't quite follow the directions given to him, he always manages to find a way to accomplish his mission, often times unknowingly. His aim is top-notch, able to shoot meters away from his hip and have the bullet go through the same hole he shot through twice. If anything, he's just the kind of guy that you have to trust knows what he's doing... even if he doesn't.

- Good Luck
Athos' luck is the basis for his famous career.
- Dood, Lawl
Athos doesn't even particularly try. His actions are so sad, it's laughable, even to the most heartless soul.
- I'll Kill You With This Teacup
Funny story, Athos once left his rifle at home and instead took a large mackerel with him. In his hands, that mackerel became a Super Heavy Ranged weapon that made Monasteries run for their lives.

- Retard Baby
Sure, Athos has the best luck out there. But what happens when his luck doesn't quite play out? Well... to be frank, this.

- Acrobatic
The Harbinger test had its benefits to Athos, having him learn how to execute acrobatic feats that most normal humans wouldn't be able to do.

stats equations
7 + 1 (Retard Baby) + 4 (EPIC PHAIL) = 12
12 - 0 (Good Luck) - 1 (Dood, lawl) - 3 (I'll Kill You With This Teacup) - 1 - 0 (freebie) = 7
7 - 1 (Synapse) - 4 (Muscle) - 2 (Body) = 0

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