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Post by D.N.A. on Sun Aug 10, 2008 3:35 am

The Brutus

The Brutus clan is the epitome of toughness in the Julius. Hardened by years of digging tunnels underground, members of this clan are rather large, on average at least 6 foot 4, and weigh well over 300 pounds. The Brutus clan has been known to perform such feats as lifting small cars with ease, matching Cassii’s psychic abilities with their raw inhuman strength, throwing footballs into orbit, and drilling through granite with their teeth. These are some badass motherfuckers, and if you piss these guys off, you’d better hope you can run faster than them. Well, never mind. They’ll probably just move the Earth from under you.

The Brutus clan is responsible for most of the digging and tunneling in the underground cities. What’s more is that they did it all by hand, makeshift shovels, and only some occasional help by the space cities. Because of this, the Brutus have easily risen to be the strongest [in raw muscle power] clan in all the land. The average Brutus is nothing short of a moving meat tank. Heavily armed, and tough as nails, it’s as if they were spawned by a woman getting pregnant off the gun of an M1 Abrams. The Brutus are also known for their short tempers. It doesn’t take much to set a Brutus off, and some of their team members may find it wise strategically to anger them at the moment of battle, as the Brutii are said to have even more [not so much] hidden strength when provoked. The Brutus are also known for being great hole diggers, some even obsessed.

Exclusive Traits

All members of the clan Brutus start with 6 muscle with no necessary payments to be made with creation points. You may spend additional creation points on muscle if you wish, but cannot go below 4 muscle, nor can you exchange muscle points for anything else.

All melee weapons a Brutus weilds gains their bonus multiplied by 4. (Example, if the character has a heavy melee weapon, the bonus would be twice your character level is added to his attack)


Cost: 3 Creation Points
Requirements: Team mate must use one action to provoke character (counts as Assist Action)
Your character is a ticking time bomb, and when he goes off, people explode, whether a bomb is included in the equation or not. When provoked by a team mate, this character enters a state which Joey Wheeler calls Brooklyn Rage! In the round of battle after a team mate has used the assist action [Activate Brooklyn Rage], all damage done by your character is multiplied by 3.


~Always Getting Mad at Every Sh*t
Bonus: 2 Creation Points
Your character has serious anger problems. It may be because they can’t take a joke, or perhaps they’ve been bottling it up for a really long time. Whatever the case, you are one pissed off mother cracker. Whenever your character is under a moment of high stress, the GM will roll a di. If it comes up 1, your character enters a state known as Ragoholism. At this point, your character is no longer under your direct control, and must find some way to isolate yourself from the group, or if there is some way to regain your composure, the GM will PM you. The latter normally includes losing body points. If either of two is not accomplished within 3 GM posts, the rest of the team will be forced to combat your character as a named, and will have to knock you out. Unless you kill them all, of course >_>


~I’ll Eat Anything
Cost: 2 Creation Points or 10 Gazebo Points
Your character is always hungry and will literally eat anything. He can eat garbage, for all he cares, as long as it fills him up. In a non combat situation, the character can pick up any loose object that fits in their mouth and eat it. This will in turn heal body points. Depending on what the character is consuming, healing amounts vary.

~Take the Bullet
Costs: 1 Creation Point or 5 Gazebo Points
Your body lives up the name living meat tank. You can dish out devastating blows on enemies, and can take just as bad a beating. When performing the assist action Human Shield, you take no damage.

~Hitchoo with your Own Pimp
Costs: 2 Creation Points or 10 Gazebo Points
Your character has mastered the art of turning his body into a lethal weapon. But sometimes that isn’t enough. Sometimes, you need…2 bodies? Or 3? Well now you can! Your character is capable of taking their enemy, dead or alive, and using them as an efficient melee weapon to slaughter other enemies. The character gains bonuses as if they used a super heavy melee weapon (2 if two bodies are used).

~Silly Bitch, your Weapons Cannot harm Me
Costs: 3 Creation Points or 15 Gazebo Points
Your weapons apparently cannot harm him. This person will take bullets to the face and mind f*cks to the d*ck before he goes down, and even when he does there's no guarantee you're not going with him. Add the amount equal to your level to your body. (Example: You are level 1. You have this skill. It says you have 2 body on your character sheet. In reality you have 3)

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