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Post by D.N.A. on Mon Aug 11, 2008 12:02 am

I’ll need a dog turd, this can of oatmeal, this squirrel femur, and this pubic hair, and I create….a minigun Very Happy Yes, this clan is quite amazing. They are not as strong as the Brutus (then again, who is), but not as shrimpy as The Monastery, but are arguably the most creative and in a sense intelligent clan of the Julius. With quick thinking, these guys are able to create makeshift weapons out their butt practically, and are quite entertaining to watch when they solve a problem in the most impractical manner possible. They will always scavenge for something new, and to them, EVERYTHING is useful. With one of these guys in your group, rest assured you will ALWAYS have a fallback plan. And lots and lots of weapons Very Happy

The MacGyver are very resourceful. They are the ultimate in creativeness and have been known to have the solutions for nearly anything. Normally wearing heavy duty trench coats for carrying all of their little trinkets, the MacGyver enjoy making makeshift weapons.

Exclusive Traits…

All MacGyvers are equipped with the attribute I can Take a Rock


~I can Take a Rock…
Cost: 0 Creation Points
This is the MacGyver’s best and most revered ability. They can take a few normal items lying around and mix them together to create something ultimate. Depending on the items’ values, which are told to the MacGyver by number when the item is found, the difficulty in creating what the MacGyver wants (also told to the MacGyver) varies. Weapons’ difficulties grow larger by their class. Light melee difficulty is 1, heavy melee is 2, and super heavy melee is 3. Light Ranged is 2, Heavy Ranged is 3, and Super Heavy Ranged is 4. Everything else has no set difficulty level, and must be determined by the GM. (This does not take up a slot in your character's attributes sheet)


Bonus: 2 Creation Points
You are easily trumped and confused. You may work well in making things, but are very uncreative, and so making things is more difficult. When your character finds something, its value for creating something is halved


Cost: 7 Creation Points or 35 Gazebo Points
You have created something beyond epic. You take pride in your work, and it shows in this...weapon of some kind. It may look like just a harmless piece of scrap metal, or can look as if the devil himself created it, whatever the case, this thing does damage; SERIOUS damage. This weapon counts as both a ranged and a melee weapon, and gives bonuses for attack equal to the character’s level +7, and bonuses for flair equal to half the character's level.

~ a gun, with no bullets...
2 creation pts or 10 gazeebo pts
Your character is adept at making weaponry or using it to unorthodox means. Whatever difficulty level weapon creation entails is reduced by one. Your creation value for taking a weapon and using it as an ingredient in synthesis is doubled.

~Some bullets...
2 creation pts or 10 gazeebo pts
Same as above but with ammunition.

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