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Emoness. Seriously. Empty Emoness. Seriously.

Post by Guest on Mon Jun 22, 2009 12:46 pm

To let myself
Drown in misery
Is probably your best victory.
You wished me hurt.
Your wish is granted.
So why do you still haunt me?
When you know you already won.
Why do you still stalk me?
When you know you will always be etched in my mind,
Why do you even bother saying you love me,
When we both know it’s a lie.
So why do you bother,
To see the look on my face when you say “No.”
To hear the pain in my voice when I say “Oh.”
To touch me and see I shudder in both love and disappointment?
Well whatever the reason,
I still love you anyway.
And I can’t change that.
Not for the world.
Not for you.
Not even for myself.

Oh gee. I forgot who made me put this down on paper. Ahaha. Something for school? Hm..
Eh. I remember why I wrote this. I was feeling very depressed.
And I still am at the moment.
Oh pessimism, come to me.


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Emoness. Seriously. Empty Re: Emoness. Seriously.

Post by Reaper on Wed Jun 24, 2009 8:47 pm

oh gosh emotions over rated the cool thing now is being a sosiopath gosh

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I'm a MOD, but I don't actually have MOD powers. :awesome:
I'm a MOD, but I don't actually have MOD powers. :awesome:

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