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The Tierisch

The Tierisch are the clan of mimics. Normally specializing in mimicking animals, The Tierisch can mimic almost anything really, from other clan powers, to mimicking movements, etc. Their powers come in handy both in and out of battle. It’s practically as if you’ve got a dude with a sharingan on your team Very Happy You like Sasuke, right? well yeah Razz Since Tierisch can also mimic the surroundings, they make for good spies.

This clan is very undistinguishable, as they mimic many exclusive traits of both the casius and the Julius. Probably the only way to tell for sure that a Tierisch is a Tierisch was if they showed you their tattoos on their body, their secret sources of power in mimicry. At all costs, however, they will try and keep their tattoos hidden, for breaking the secret of the Tierisch to outsiders is punishable by death. Sort of like teaching the ancient arts of Ping Pong.

Exclusive Traits…

Each Tierisch may start out with one freebee tattoo listed below.

All Tierisch members are donned with psychic powers. However, their heavy reliance on their tattoos have deemed their psychic powers obsolete in their eyes. A Tierisch has no specialty when it comes to using psychic powers, and must roll a success di each time they try to use any psychic-driven power.


~Tattoo Artist
Cost: 2 Creation Points

Perhaps you were brought up by a former Tierisch tattoo artist, or maybe one took you in as their prodigy. Whatever the case, you know the secret techniques of creating the markings of the Tierisch. This means you can even mark yourself. Other Tierisch my come to you in seeking more markings, and at your discretion, you may charge them. For yourself, however, all costs for Tierisch clan skills are halved.

~Out of Clan Attribute
Costs: n+1 Creation Points
You have copied a single attribute enough times to emulate it dry. With this attribute, you may purchase a trait normally exclusive to another clan. Doing this would allow your character to administer the attribute without needing to see it first before copying it.


~Revealing of the Secret Art
Bonus: 1 Creation Point
You are in some deep water with the elders of your clan. for whatever reason, they have found out that you have revealed the secret tattoos of your clan to outsiders. You now have a bounty on your head, and members of your clan will actively try killing you on sight.


~Tattoo of Strength
Costs: 2 Creation Points or 10 Gazebo Points
Along your right arm is a tattoo of strange tribal markings. They resemble flames, or knives, or...claws, something of that sort. Ignoring how it looks, it makes you feel amazing. You feel like you can rip steel drums in half with your bare hands, or picking up a station wagon with one hand. In battle, you are able to spot out the strongest enemy *or ally* and mimic their muscle stats (GM’s discretion). This requires energy to do so, however, and so the muscle bonus only lasts for 3 rounds per combat. If you are the strongest organism on the battlefield, when you activate this tattoo, add one di to your current muscle pool for the 3 rounds the tattoo is active.

~Tattoo of Animalism
Costs: 2 Creation Points or 10 Gazebo Points
Decorating your back in the same stylings as your other tattoos are a pair of large black wings. Wings styles vary, and tend to represent the wearer’s persona. With these markings on your skin, you are able to imitate animals’ movements and attacks; physique, speed, and stealth are all included. Your character can even fly. Each round of combat, a character may mimic a new animal. Every water based animal mimicked gives an attack bonus equal to that of your character’s level multiplied by 2 (your character is level 1. That means your character gets an additional 2 points to their attack). Every land based animal mimicked gives your character a bonus of twice their muscle. Every air based animal gives your character a bonus of twice their synapse. Everything else is at the GM’s discretion.

~Tattoo of Substance
Costs: 2 Creation Points or 10 Gazebo Points.
Around your ankles are two identical tribal tattoos resembling tear drops or drops of water, symbolizing the effect of this tattoo. When activated, your character can touch literally anything and it will melt into your body and make your body part that substance for a short amount of time. During this period of time, the body part changed counts as a weapon. Substances like wood or brick will count as heavy melee weapons, whereas substances like granite and steel would be super heavy melee. Substances like water, sand or wet clay would grant bonuses for a super heavy ranged weapon. This tattoo may be activated every other round of combat, and the wearer can wield up to 4 substances at a time. (1 for each limb)

~Tattoo of Ambidexterity
Costs: 2 Creation Points or 10 Gazebo Points
Wrapping around your left arm is another marking the resembles countless tangled vines wrapping around and through each other. Your character is monkey see, monkey do. They can mimic any ability they see, although it may be weaker. when your character sees someone using an exclusive ability, they can activate this tattoo and imitate it. All bonuses are halved, however, and all difficulties are doubled (if a bonus for an ability gives you extra muscle dice equal to twice your character’s level, it actually only gives you the exact amount of dice as your level. Also, if the willpower of a soul is 2 for a Nekros, it is actually 4 for you)

~Emblem of ULTIMA
Costs: 5 Creation Points or 25 Gazebo Points
You are the ultimate in mimicry, and you wear it proudly on your chest. A circular branding (not a tattoo) is burned into your skin in the center of your chest, and inside the circle is an outline of the animal that best describes you (your choice). Small lines of ink trail from your emblem and lead directly to the other sets of tattoos on your person. The Emblem of Ultima is always active, and it works as an amplifier of your other tattoos’ powers. With this ability, multiply all effects of your tattoos by 2, and all difficulties are no longer doubled. (Example: Using the tattoo of ambidexterity to copy a skill that adds 2 extra muscle dice will no longer half the bonus into only gaining 1 muscle di. Also, if a nekros' willpower roll is 2, it is also 2 for your Tierisch)

~Out of Clan Skill
Costs: n+1 Creation Points, or n+5 GP
You have copied a single skill enough times to emulate it dry. With this skill, you may purchase a skill normally exclusive to another clan. Doing this would allow your character to administer the skill without needing to see it first before copying it.

Here is a detialed diagram of the tatoos...
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